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Welcome to Bhatt Murphy Solicitors

Bhatt Murphy is a team of lawyers who work together to make a contribution to the protection of civil liberties.

We offer specialist help to members of the public who seek accountability from the state and its officers. Our focus is upon the treatment of individuals by the criminal justice system (including the police, the prison service and the prosecuting agencies) as well as those within immigration detention.

We are motivated by the needs of our clients and use the law as a tool to assist in the realisation of their objectives. We aim to deliver a high quality legal service irrespective of our client’s ability to pay. We seek to contribute to the progressive development of the law and to the protection of civil liberties outside the courts.

We rely upon a collaborative style to ensure that our clients benefit from the commitment of their own individual lawyer as well as the creativity and innovation of the entire team.

Rashan Charles: family look to IPCC for answers

The Charles family has met with the IPCC and has put a series of questions to them about what happened to Rashan. They made clear that they expect a full and unflinching investigation and prompt answers to the questions they have posed. Carolynn Gallwey and Chanel Dolcy represent the family. Read more about Rashan Charles: family look to IPCC for answers

IPCC investigative failures prompt legal action

Lynnette Wallace was assaulted in a police cell whilst 7.5 months pregnant, in July 2011. She has fought since that date to see the officers who assaulted her brought to justice. In May, Nottinghamshire Police abandoned gross misconduct proceedings on the basis that the IPCC had delayed too long over their investigation. Read more about IPCC investigative failures prompt legal action

Police Officers on trial

A former Met Inspector and two serving TSG officers are currently facing criminal prosecution at Southwark Crown Court on charges of Actual Bodily Harm and perverting the course of justice. The jury trial is scheduled to conclude this week. Read more about Police Officers on trial

Legal 500
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You will find downloads and links to judgments, policy documents and backgound information concerning our cases.
The Daniel Morgan Murder

Over the three decades since Daniel was killed in March 1987, and through five failed police investigations, his has become the most investigated murder in British history. Raju Bhatt acts for the family of Daniel Morgan.

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