About Bhatt Murphy

The lawyers at Bhatt Murphy work together to contribute to the protection of civil liberties.

How we work

We work collaboratively so that our clients can benefit from the commitment of their own individual lawyer and the creativity and innovation that can be achieved by the entire team’s contribution to their case.

Our clients

We pride ourselves on our sensitivity to the needs of our clients. We work to achieve our clients’ aims and objectives. We listen to our clients. We are accessible and friendly. We give our clients' the time and information they need to make important decisions.

We have developed specialist expertise to achieve the best possible service.


We understand that change does not happen through legal proceedings alone. We work with our clients, campaign groups, politicians and state agencies to improve human rights compliance outside the courts.


Police Complaints Training
Members of the Bhatt Murphy Police Law team can deliver training to your organisation on police powers and how to hold the police to account.
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