Can We Help You?

Are we the right firm for your case?

What we do

Bhatt Murphy is a specialist firm. We handle complex and serious cases against state agencies including the police, prison and immigration authorities. We can help you to decide whether to bring a complaint, seek damages or challenge decisions that have been made that affect you. We can also support you through inquests and public inquiries.

To offer the best possible service to our clients we maintain a clear focus on these areas of practice and do not undertake any work that is not related to human rights.

We respect your entitlement to select a lawyer of your own choice. Please contact us if you would like some more information to help your decision. You can approach us without any obligation.

How to approach us

The firm makes a careful assessment as to whether we have the skills you need and whether we can see reasonable prospects of our skills achieving the outcome that you want.

It will help if you can describe your case in some detail and let us have any relevant documents. To help consider your funding options we will need information about your finances.

Funding Options

Many of our clients have the benefit of public funding for their cases. To obtain public funding it is necessary to satisfy the Legal Aid Agency you have a low income and that your case has either good merits or a strong public interest.
If your case relates to a death in custody funding may be available even if you have a good income and/or savings.

We have specialist expertise in obtaining funding in complex and difficult cases and if we accept your case, we will take responsibility for securing funding.
The firm is committed to achieving access to justice for those who do not qualify for public funding and we can discuss flexible payment options with you if your means make you ineligible for public funding.

In certain very limited circumstances we may be able to offer you a conditional fee agreement the details of which we can discuss with you upon request.