Archived Immigration Detention & Migrant Rights stories

Published Wednesday January 20 2021
High Court hearing in torture case
Between 2002 – 2006 UK Security Services sent questions to the CIA to be used in interrogations of Abu Zubaydah despite knowing that he was subject to extreme mistreatment and probable torture.
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Published Tuesday October 13 2020
Combatting Modern Slavery
Molly Cox of Bhatt Murphy is providing ongoing training to ‘Hestia’, an NGO supporting victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.
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Published Monday August 17 2020
Administrative Court orders release of vulnerable detainee
On 14 August 2020 an immigration detainee with medical conditions which made him more vulnerable to COVID 19 was released following expedited judicial review proceedings.
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Published Thursday July 2 2020
Maternity Action and DZT are refused permission in JR challenging health inequalities caused by NHS Charging Scheme
Janet Farrell acts on behalf of Maternity Action, a leading maternity rights charity, and DZT, a victim of FGM who has significant NHS debts who challenged the Secretary of State for Health’s NHS Charging Regime.
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Published Thursday December 5 2019
Home Office admits unlawful detention of man with serious mental illness
The Home Office has yet again had to concede a legal challenge to the lawfulness of prolonged immigration detention of a mentally ill and highly vulnerable man by agreeing to regularise his status and pay £100,000 in compensation in a settlement agreed by the High Court today.
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Parliamentary event on Pregnant Women in detention Read More
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