Published 12th April 2017

Anthony Grainger Inquiry

The evidence phase of the Anthony Grainger Inquiry concludes this week with closing submissions by the Core Participants to the Chairman HHJ Teague QC in Liverpool Crown Court on 17 and 18 May 2017. The Chairman will then prepare a report and publish his findings. Together with Pete Weatherby QC and Fiona Murphy of Counsel, Tony Murphy of Bhatt Murphy acts for Mr Grainger’s partner, Gail Hadfield- Grainger.It has been revealed that the GMP officer who fatally shot Anthony Grainger met with the Met officer who shot Mark Duggan on the day before GMP officers provided their detailed accounts of the shooting. This fact was not volunteered by GMP in the five years since Mr Grainger’s death and only became known on 4 April 2017 when his partner’s legal team sought further information regarding a brief entry in one of the officer’s notebooks.

Ms Gail Hadfield- Grainger is represented by Bhatt Murphy, Pete Weatherby QC of Garden Court and Fiona Murphy of Doughty Street Chambers.

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