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Bhatt Murphy was established in 1998 by a group of lawyers who share a commitment to the protection of civil liberties.

We offer specialist help to members of the public who seek accountability from the state and its officers. 

We are motivated by the needs of our clients and use the law as a tool to assist in the realisation of their objectives.  We aim to deliver a high quality legal service irrespective of our client's ability to pay.

Published Thursday July 2 2020
Challenge to police for ‘Fuck Boris’ T-shirt
Jess Flynn threatens legal action against police for demanding that she cover up ‘Fuck Boris’ T-shirt.
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Published Thursday July 2 2020
Maternity Action and DZT are refused permission in JR challenging health inequalities caused by NHS Charging Scheme
Janet Farrell acts on behalf of Maternity Action, a leading maternity rights charity, and DZT, a victim of FGM who has significant NHS debts who challenged the Secretary of State for Health’s NHS Charging Regime.
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Published Wednesday June 24 2020
Jordan Walker-Brown: Tasered, hospitalised but determined to seek justice!
Jordan Walker-Brown, a young black man left paralysed from the chest down after being tasered by the police, has spoken out for the first time about his determination to hold officers to account for what they have done to him.
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Published Thursday May 21 2020
Government Responds to The Anthony Grainger Inquiry
The UK Government has today published its response to the criticisms of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) made by The Anthony Grainger Inquiry in July 2019.
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Published Thursday April 23 2020
Times Lawyer of the Week: Chanel Dolcy
Bhatt Murphy lawyer Chanel Dolcy is featured as the Times Lawyer of the Week following her work on behalf of FNM. FNM made allegations of rape and sex with a minor when she was 15 years of age. She has successfully challenged the CPS failure to take into account her representations before a...
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