Published 30th March 2021

Grenfell Tower bereaved families, survivors and residents shine a light on ‘Landmark act of discrimination’

On 29 March 2021 the Grenfell Inquiry heard from counsel for the victims of the fire, including those instructed by Bhatt Murphy, outlining how resident’s concerns were brushed aside by the Council and the Tenants Management Organisation, and how disabled and vulnerable residents were neglected.

Mark Scott, Shamik Dutta, Miri Weingarten, Catriona McGregor, Jordan Ferdinand and Alex Diner act for 43 bereaved, survivors and residents of the disaster who are core participants in the Inquiry.

Bhatt Murphy has instructed Danny Friedman QC, and Raj Desai of Matrix Chambers.

The opening statement can be viewed here (at 1hr, 12mins), and there was further coverage of it by the BBC, the Guardian and Inside Housing.

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