Raju Bhatt

Raju Bhatt is one of the founders of Bhatt Murphy. He specialises in providing help to members of the public who seek accountability from the state and its officers, with a focus upon the treatment of individuals by the criminal justice system.

Raju has a particular history of work with families who have lost their loved ones through death in custody, and he has been responsible for many significant developments in this and other areas of his legal practice over more than 25 years. In the process he has been required to utilise every avenue of litigation at all levels of the civil justice system up to the highest appellate courts.

Raju’s experience and authority in his fields of work has been recognised on various fronts. In 2009, he was appointed special adviser to the parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights in relation to its scrutiny of the Coroners and Justice Bill, which has since been passed as the Coroners and Justice Act 2009. In 2010, he was appointed by the Home Secretary to the Hillsborough Independent Panel which reported in September 2012.

Raju is one of the founding members of the Police Action Lawyers Group (PALG) and Inquest Lawyers Group (ILG).Other bodies that have consulted Raju or asked him to submit evidence on relevant matters over the years include:

  • the Home Affairs Select Committee (concerning police complaints and discipline – 1997).

  • the Butler Inquiry (concerning the handling of deaths in custody within the Crown Prosecution Service – 1997).

  • the European Committee on the Prevention of Torture (concerning the compliance of the UK government with ECHR Article 3 obligations in the context of police misconduct – 1997).

  • the Home Office (concerning the reform of the police complaints system and the establishment and operation of the Independent Police Complaints Commission as the ‘new’ body that replaced the Police Complaints Authority – 1998/2003).

  • the Independent Police Complaints Commission (concerning its operation through its Advisory Board – 2004/2008).

  • the Attorney General (concerning the handling of deaths in custody within the Crown Prosecution Service – 2002).

  • HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate (concerning the handling within the Crown Prosecution Service of cases involving an allegation of a criminal offence by a police officer – 2003).

  • the Metropolitan Police Service (concerning restraint related deaths in custody – 2003).

  • the Metropolitan Police Authority (concerning professional standards and employment matters in the Metropolitan Police Service through the Morris Inquiry – 2004).



Having completed his under graduate studies with a BA degree in Oriental Studies (Sanskrit) in 1981, Raju was involved in working in a voluntary capacity in the community with and on behalf of those who had been arrested in the course of the urban disturbances throughout the country that summer. This brought him to Southall where he was one of the founding members of the Southall Monitoring Group (now known as ‘The Monitoring Group’) before he turned to the law.

Raju subsequently completed his post graduate legal professional qualification at the then City of London Polytechnic (now the London Metropolitan University) in 1986. He qualified as a solicitor in 1988 at B M Birnberg & Co where he spent 10 years building up his practice before establishing Bhatt Murphy with his fellow founding partners.

  • Raju Bhatt
Raju Bhatt, photo Sarah Booker

"He is a top solicitor in terms of legal acumen and demonstrates incredible client care. His reputation precedes him - he has overseen some of the biggest cases and remains a real market leader."

Chambers and Partners 2019


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