Published 28th July 2020

False charge over killing of PC Harper

Bhatt Murphy represents Jed Foster, who was wrongly accused of the killing of PC Andrew Harper, and spent weeks in prison before the case against him was dropped. Mr Foster is bringing legal action against Thames Valley Police.

Mr Foster said:

“I have every sympathy with the family of PC Harper and the loss they have suffered. The evidence that was presented to the Court last year – but only made public now – proves that I am completely innocent and could have had nothing to do with PC Harper’s death. However, I was arrested and then charged with murder and spent several weeks in prison accused of an offence that I did not commit.

This experience broke me and tore my family apart – we are all still trying to recover from it. I am bringing a legal case against the police to show that I should never have been put through all of this.”

Michael Oswald, representing Mr Foster, said:

“By way of the proceedings that have been issued, Mr Foster looks to Thames Valley Police to accept that he should in fact never have been arrested or prosecuted and to take now all possible steps to mitigate the damage they have caused and allow him to move on with his life.”

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