Published 13th July 2020

Police apologise over a “Fuck Boris” T-shirt

Jess Flynn has received an apology from the Chief Constable of British Transport Police and an admission that the actions of officers who required her to cover her T-shirt were unlawful.

Ms Flynn said: “Two of the early signs of an authoritarian state are being told what to wear and being told you can’t criticise the government. I’ve been very concerned about the recent media reports of police racism against some black individuals. I hope that the police can focus on rectifying those problems of racism rather than on stopping people for wearing T-shirts.”

Michael Oswald and Joanna Khan, acting for Ms Flynn, said: “This admission that the officers’ actions were unlawful and the apology to our client are welcome. They should serve as a strong reminder to police officers that the freedom to express political opinion, and to criticise politicians, is fundamental to a free and democratic society, and that invoking the criminal law to limit that freedom will be unacceptable in all but the most extreme circumstances.”

See the Guardian’s article here.


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